Jeremy Martino


Showtime Brand Franchise

Your Honor: Becoming Michael

Super Pumped: The Spark w/ Kyle

The Man Who Fell to Earth: Becoming Faraday

Man Who Fell To Earth: The Spark w/Naomie

Super Pumped: Becoming Travis

Billions: The Spark w/Paul

Billions: Becoming Wags


The Makers:

Becoming & Spark


Creative Director



2022 – Present

Born of the brand ethos Made By Showtime - that Showtime is a home for creators to make work they are passionate about – we developed The Makers series to spotlight the creators themselves. In Becoming we focus on the actors creation of a character, while The Spark charts the inspiration that brought them to this role. 

To stand out in a crowded video space and build brand attribution across series, we developed theses unique visual aesthetics utilizing dramatic lighting and blocking cues that put the focus on our most important resources.